About brown rice

Brown rice contains all parts of the rice grain. The bran, germ and endosperm. White rice has had the bran and germ removed.

Because brown rice has all parts of the rice grain, it is a whole grain food. These are important, because pure carbohydrate foods raise blood sugar at an alarming rate. This is because they are easily digestible.

The result is, that white rice “vanishes” from your gut faster, hits your blood stream harder, raises insulin levels and increases weight gain.

While gaining calories from food is important, it isn’t the only function of the human body. It needs to move food through your system at a constant rate.

The result is, that if you eat something that digests too fast, your system will need you to eat more to keep things moving inside you.

Brown rice slows down the digestive process. That might sound like a bad thing, but in reality because your system has to work harder digesting the nutrient rich germ, and the fibrous bran. Your system slows down, meaning you don’t have to keep refilling your stomach just to keep everything moving.

The result of this “slow down” is that your stomach empties slower, your body doesn’t get slammed with instant carbohydrates but instead delivers them more slowly over a longer period.

Again, this might sound bad, but the reason instant energy is worse, is because insulin levels are raised in the body.

Insulin is used to transport unneeded energy from the blood stream, to fat stores. The more insulin you have, the more weight you gain.

In summary, white rice digests fast and slams your body with unneeded energy. Insulin moves it to fat stores. Fat stores are harder to access for the body, so it demands more white rice to raise blood sugars again.

Brown rice, keeps you fuller for longer, slows your system down, reduces insulin required. It provides more nutrition, and delivers more fibre to keep your system moving inside.

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